Scott Hall

Scott Hall

By Mike Mooneyham

April 4, 2001

Dana Hall, whose on-on, off-again marriage to Scott Hall has been the topic of widespread conversation and speculation over the past several years, has issued a statement to her husband and wrestling fans that she has requested be printed.

The following is her statement.

Apology to All Concerned:

I am writing this as a public apology to my husband, Scott Hall, to his peers, and all of wrestling. I want to apologize for any and all destructive words, actions or behavior I have said or done against him or this profession. I apologize for words I have spoken out against wrestlers and wrestling, (which were better left unsaid), in any public manner, which may have caused any offense towards them, my husband or caused him embarrassment. Wrestling is what it is, and everyone involved knows the truth and the toll it can take. Everyone closest to my husband know the reasons for my concern and upset. I understand my efforts may have been “misconstrued” at many times. I love my husband and I am deeply regretful for what I have done to cause him or anyone to doubt that.

[ad#MikeMooneyham-336×280]Out of desperation to get his (or anyone’s) attention to remove him from situations which were damaging, I went about things in many wrong ways. I had no right to judge, attack or offend anyone, most of all my husband, and I know now that vengeance is not mine . Neither one of us handled our many trials appropriately. Our wrong choices and actions, in a very public way, have caused us and our children, much hurt, pain and separation, which is the biggest tragedy of all. I do not wish these kinds of problems on anyone and I would hope all would understand how hard it is to see “clearly” when your life is falling apart, when you are being hurt, or when someone you love is hurting themselves. It is a terrible thing to deal with. It is no secret that we have had more than our share of “bumps in the road”. I did not support my husband in the way I should have many times, and I deeply regret letting bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness get the best of me. We have both wasted many years doing this and this saddens me the most. Please know that through it all, all I ever wanted was for Scott to be sober, (and alive) and with us. I am so thankful God has given me the humility to admit my fault in this and apologize for my “insanity” at the time. It is all I can do to clear my conscience and end this war on my part.

My husband was, and still is, a great wrestler. All who know him know that on a “good” day he is a great guy and one of the best in the business. I am so proud of him for what he has accomplished and pray for him to overcome what he needs to so that he can be the best he can be as a husband, a father and a wrestler (hopefully in that order). I strongly believe that what hasn’t killed us will only make us stronger. My prayers are that one day we can walk “together” in this instead of “apart” for the sake of our children and each other, as God intended.

I pray for others to not let reality slip away and become so “blurred” that you destroy yourselves and your families, as we have done. Trust me, it is not worth it, and either is hurting someone you love even when they are making loving them a difficult thing to do. Giving up, letting go, and battling each other is not the answer. I am so thankful to have realized this finally. I pray for all to accept this apology, especially my husband, whom I have hurt the most. I never meant to hurt him more than he was already hurting himself. My husband, my marriage and my family mean everything to me and I pray for God to heal this “mess” we have made, in spite of wrestling, alcohol and all that has happened in the past so that we may have a better future.


Dana Hall