Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell

By Mike Mooneyham

July 14, 2001

Marcus “Buff” Bagwell, who apparently graduated from the Lex Luger school of prima donnas, was fired after only a couple of weeks with the WWF.

Buff “The Stuff’s” terrible track record at WCW unfortunately carried over to his two-week stint with the WWF, where he was able to alienate many of those he came in contact with.

A short list of Bagwell’s faux pas include snubbing Stephanie McMahon (bad move to diss the boss’ daughter), goading Gregory Helms (who ended up throwing his water bottle at Buff, opening up a cut that required 12 stitches to close) and putting forth a lackluster effort in a Raw main event with Booker T (very inopportune time to apply a 30-second chinlock on your opponent).

[ad#MikeMooneyham-336×280]To make matters worse, Bagwell asked that a group of WWF mid-carders led by The APA take it easy on him during a post-match attack on Smackdown, a gesture that lost him even more respect among his new WWF compatriots. Bagwell got the bad news from Jim Ross in a conversation prior to Raw on Monday. Ross later reported that the meeting went “surprisingly well.”