Scott Hall

Scott Hall

Running Out Of Excuses

By Dana Hall

I have stated before that the last place Scott needs to be is in a wrestling ring, and my children and I had prayed that he wouldn’t want to be. No amount of money could be worth more of this pain, and I can almost guarantee nothing good will come of this. I am sorry New Japan has chosen to employ him in his present state of mind. I had hoped that no one would until he gets the help he so desperately needs and remains sober for a long period of time. As of now Scott’s idea of rehabilitation is taking a “drug” called Antabuse, which is supposed to deter him from drinking. The trick is you actually have to take the pill. As we have all seen it hasn’t been working. This is not a sincere or real attempt at recovery or sobriety. This is a joke. If he was serious about his life or career (what is left of it), he would be going to a treatment center and not Japan. He would be at AA meetings, not his psychiatrist’s office for more “drugs” and more lies. I only wish he cared enough about himself and his children to go to rehab and stay there. Thirty days has never been enough and cannot even begin to fix an over 20-year alcohol and drug addiction. You can’t get sober by being around people who are doing this and in an atmosphere of such temptation. A “pill” cannot cure this kind of sickness or denial. Only God and drastic change can. This is something Scott has never been able to do, and avoids at all cost. The cost of his family, marriage and career have not been enough as of yet. His choice to remain in denial and others to enable this will only have irreversible repercussions if allowed to continue. I am not sure if he will ever take the steps to do this, I only know as long as he can find people to employ him and a reason not to face his problems and grow up, he won’t. He will never let go of wrestling until wrestling lets go of him.

[ad#MikeMooneyham-336×280]He would in his sick state of mind rather let go of his family than wrestling. He will continue to blame others (mainly me for not understanding him?). Understanding that what he does is OK, that unfaithfulness and partying are part of the job, something that “I” need to deal with? That I need to accept him for what he is? A drunk, an addict, an adulterer? I think not. He committed to our marriage. That is the contract that should be honored at all costs – period. You are to honor your commitment to your marriage and your family before your wrestling contract, something Scott and most wrestlers have yet to figure out. Signing a wrestling contract is like “selling your soul to the devil!” You sign away your identity, your privacy, time with your kids that you never get back, all to be a wrestling “superstar, and the money makes up for all they lose? It is so sad that they can put a price on this. I know Scott sold us out for his $1.1 million dollar contract. I guess every man his price. Greed, ego and arrogance can do terrible things.

He continues to deny he needs help as long as these companies, attorneys, doctors and “friends” will allow him to do so. As long as he has money to pay the lawyers to get him out of trouble, they will continue to take it and gladly look the other way. He will continue to believe he is “above the law” as he has been conditioned to believe. He will continue to believe these men and women who drink, do drugs and cheat with him and tell him what he wants to hear, instead of the truth because that is easier. These kinds of people are not “friends” and it is a tragedy that has cost him a marriage and a family, not once, but twice.


I have run out of excuses to tell his children of why their father does the things he does, why he won’t get help. Why he’s got a girlfriend when he is still married to mommy? This has all been very confusing to them as well as me. Why a person who had everything could do what he has done to ruin it, all for wrestling, drugs and alcohol. My children only wanted a father, they didn’t ask for a circus sideshow. Once these men become wrestlers it is almost impossible to live a normal life and be a decent person in the midst of the sickness of wrestling. I would urge these companies to replace the half-naked massage girls, the porno ring girls, the alcohol backstage with on-staff counselors, sports coaches and actually enforcing the rules of a “civilized society.” They need to have their “athletes and stars” psychologically evaluated regularly. A traveling pastor wouldn’t hurt either. Is it too much to ask them to publicly enforce own contracts? They look the other way while their “stars” abuse drugs, alcohol and the law. If they actually took steps the first time to deal with these situations, maybe things could be different. Their tolerations and oversights have cost them money and talent, as well as lives. These men do ridiculous, unsafe, immoral things and it certainly does not help their already inflated, unstable mental state. They allow men who knowingly have failed drug tests to continue to work without any intervention. Many of these men have died on the road and nobody saw this? Nobody saw the dirty doctors in the dressing room handing out scripts? This “doctor” used to send boxes of drugs to my husband. It was one of the perks WWF provided to their “superstars.” You would think it would be to their advantage to have all the guys clean and sober, not drug and alcohol addicted. It could only save them money, not to mention lives, in the long run t cut down on injuries and accidents. You would think this might occur to these wizards of wrestling but all they care about is using these men no matter what it is doing to them or their families. It is quite obvious these men need babysitters before, during and after they leave the arena, because they do not know how to act. I am surprised more men are not dead due to their incompetence and irresponsibility as employers. This business is disgusting, immoral and out of control. I wish my husband had never been part of it, because his dream became our nightmare.