Scott Hall

Scott Hall

On The Road To Destruction

By Dana Hall

Published in 2001

These men have gained “fame and fortune,” but they have paid for it by ruining anything good and real in their lives. They have done so at the expense of their families. I would be surprised if most of these men even knew the meaning of the words integrity, respect, morals, values and what a marriage vow means? It is quite obvious they do not. No woman, no job, no amount of money should be worth causing this much hurt to the families and children God has blessed these men with. It is a shame most of these men have chosen to take this for granted again and again for fame, fortune and sex. It is disgusting that they have put a price on something so precious. It is disgusting they think it is such a joke to behave this way and that you are not considered “one of the guys” unless you do. It is so sad that these grown men live by this code and would rather hurt the people that love them than to say “No” to what is so clearly wrong. I know it has forever changed the future of our children, and created deep hurt for us all because Scott has never been able to say “No.”

[ad#MikeMooneyham-336×280]I begged Scott to walk away from wrestling two years ago when we remarried while he still could have some “dignity” and we could have a fighting chance. Dealing with his addiction was going to be hard enough – a full-time job. I recommended making his job getting well, and learning to be a husband and a father. That certainly would have been different. His words to me were that he wanted “every penny they promised him” even if it meant losing us. The sad irony is he lost us and he didn’t get the money either. His greediness for gain and grasping for the wind has ended up being pointless and draining just as God had promised. He was fired from WCW and ECW before he even started, he has made himself a joke in wrestling and in our community due to his actions. WCW terminated his contract, finally, for doing the things he wasn’t supposed to be doing anyway (which they allowed and enabled for years). I had begged Scott to go to treatment in the summer of 2000 and I was going to get a sitter for the kids and get on a plane with him and go through this with him. He, of course, chose not to do so and nothing has gotten better. As much as the children and I love him, we could not live this life anymore. We wanted a normal life. You cannot have that and any part in wrestling. We could not live with this denial and his drinking anymore and the hurt he was causing us every time he came home drunk. I could no longer live with the unfaithfulness. We chose to save ourselves and we pray for him. He has always been unable to put his priorities in order. He has always been unable to face his fears and try to make a life without wrestling and without alcohol. He made his choice. I hope he sees now money does not buy happiness. All the money in the world could not make up for what was lost for him to gain what he did. I would give it all back in a second to have my husband whole and completely out of wrestling. To be the husband and father he promised to be for us. “We” came before wrestling, he seems to have forgotten this.


We all know what he has done in the past six months. He is lucky to be alive and to not have killed his children or others in his drunkenness. I still pray for him and that he will find the strength to get help and become a person his children can be close to and proud of someday. This is not even remotely possible as long as he continues wrestling and drinking and does not choose a different path for his life. He has never been able to accomplish this. Around this environment is the last place he needs to be and whatever will happen will be on the heads of those who choose to be involved with him. He has always thought he can get sober on his own and around this environment with friends who don’t support him but urge him to do wrong. Even now as he goes to Japan he probably feels this will work, too, as he did all the other times he denied the real help he needed. There has always been an excuse, or a new deal he would make with himself, all of which have failed and wasted years of our lives. This attempt should be no different because nothing good can come of him being there and not with his family or in treatment. He had his dream to be a WWF superstar and then that was not enough, he got greedy and wanted more. He totally messed it all up at the cost of our family. Can’t enough be enough? This common sense thing does not make sense to someone who doesn’t want to see or accept responsibility for himself, or to realize change is in order. That is the sad reality of addiction. What it is going to take to reach him or if there is even a chance, I don’t know. I pray for him to end this hurt to himself and our family and find a way to help himself. Please pray for him, please pray for us. Pray for professional wrestling to stop enabling this destruction of lives, marriages and families while they promote and create immoral and ungodly storylines, environments and individuals for their own profit and gain, for your children to watch. To allow it into your homes and lives is tragic. This is sickness in every way – not entertainment.