Scott Hall

Scott Hall

By Mike Mooneyham

Published in 2001

A Florida judge re-awarded Scott Hall visitation rights at a hearing on Jan. 31.

The controversial Hall has been arrested several times in recent months and served jail time over the holidays. His visitation rights had been suspended following the latest incident.

Hall’s estranged wife, Dana, expressed her displeasure after the ruling.

“He doesn’t care. He has waged war on me, and it’s a vendetta with him. He can’t see past trying to hurt me.”

Hall was granted 15 days a month with his two children. The only stipulation added was that he now has to have a driver when his children ride in the car with him. Hall drove to the hearing in a new black BMW with tinted windows. His Pathfinder was totaled in a three-car accident in November.

[ad#MikeMooneyham-336×280]Dana Hall, concerned that the designated driver would be Hall’s “girlfriend,” was told by the judge that she didn’t have “a problem” with that as long as she had a driver’s license.

“There’s no morals in the law,” said Dana Hall. “I told the kids, and we spent like an hour crying. They were very upset.”

Dana Hall said her husband admitted in court that he had been arrested many times but not convicted. Dana Hall said her husband admitted that he had been arrested many but not convicted.

“I was across the street at my lawyer’s car when he (Scott) came out of the courthouse,” she said. “He was about 300 feet away, and I could hear him laughing all the way to his car.”

Hall previously had been ordered to obtain the services of a nanny while the children stayed overnight at his home, but that order was dropped when Hall was unsuccessful in finding one, with his lawyer arguing that his wife, who had to approve of any selection, had not cooperated in the process.

Hall appeared on a couple ECW shows in December but wasn’t asked back after an incident with a cab driver. Both Eric Bischoff and Jim Ross have indicated an interest in Hall, but both have said that until he got his personal life in order, there wouldn’t be a spot for him in those companies. Hall has said that he intends to take part in a tour of New Japan soon.