By Mike Mooneyham

Nov. 28, 2004

Rob Van Dam, more commonly known in pro wrestling circles as “RVD,” is one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s most popular performers. Some pundits consider him to be the finest WWE athlete to never hold the world heavyweight title. The enigmatic phenom brings his flash and exciting style to the North Charleston Coliseum for a Smackdown brand event tonight. But not before going one-on-one with Mike Mooneyham.

– What’s a typical day like in the life of Rob Van Dam?

I start the morning sitting in my Jacuzzi for the first of probably three or four trips throughout the day. I catch a workout in the Rob Van “Daminasium” (my own gym). Then I jump in my pool and back in the Jacuzzi. The rest of the day I spend as much time as I can with my beautiful wife.

– If not wrestling, which other sport would you like to play professionally?

I guess it would be something to do with fighting, because that’s a drive I’ve always been pretty passionate about. I had considered kickboxing at the same time I was training for wrestling.

– What occupation would you least like to have?


Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam

– Your top three movies of all time?

“Get Shorty” and “Kill Bill” volumes 1 and 2.

– Pop, hip-hop or rap?


– What kind of car do you drive?

An Explorer Sport. My wife drives the Saab.

– What CD is in your car right now?

Something old school like Eazy-E.

– Your all-time favorite book?

“Ghost Rider.” It’s a book in the form of a comic.

– What’s the last book you finished?

“Street Justice” by Chuck Zito.

– Web sites you most frequently visit?

– What would you want put on your headstone?

“One of a kind.”

– Worst place you’ve ever performed?

India. Never seen anything like it. Complete villages are covered under one blue tarp with a muddy floor sectioned off by walls of some cheap materials that they find. They’re raising families like this with no water or electricity. There are places that are so dirty that they actually use ditches on the side of the road to go to the bathroom. A lot of the guys got very sick on our tour of India last year. William Regal got so sick he never fully recovered from it.

– What’s it like working for Vince McMahon?

Vince is about the greatest boss I can imagine having, other than working for myself.

– If you could ask Vince one thing to do with your character, what would it be?

Bring back the old-school ECW RVD.

– Who’s smarter? Vince McMahon or Paul Heyman?

If success tells you the answer, than Vince has got all the brains.

– You have a huge following of fans and a tremendous base of support. Why haven’t you been put in the main-event, top-tier mix, with possible consideration for a world title run?

Definitely politics, and you’re going to have to ask the politicians to answer that one for you.

– What is Triple H really like?


He carries himself like his position and championship mean all the world to him. He’s voted most least likely to be chilling at RVD’s pool.

– Worst match ever?

The November to Remember ECW pay-per-view in New Orleans. It was a six-man match with me, Sabu and Tazz against Bam Bam Bigelow and The Dudleys. It’s the one match that I’ve never made any effort to rewatch on video.

– Best match ever?

RVD against Jerry Lynn for the ECW TV title in 1999.

– Raw or Smackdown?

For me, as far as my perspective as to going to and performing and doing my best at work, Smackdown’s the better brand for me.

– Your favorite way to relax?

Definitely spending time at home not thinking about being in the ring. Usually at 4:20.

– What has been your favorite moment in professional wrestling?

When I came back for ECW’s last pay-per-view after my hiatus from having my ankle broken. That was really off the hook.

– If you could do one thing to change the wrestling business, what would it be?

I would bring back the day of the enhancement matches. Having every match from the beginning to the end of every card being a main event is ridiculous. It also makes it a lot harder on our bodies. Bring back some of those guys who are happy they have a position of getting on camera and taking some moves.

– One thing that most people don’t know about you.

I’m hypoglycemic.

– Something that makes you smile.

Looking at what time I land at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) every week.

– What TV shows, besides wrestling, have you appeared on?

“City Guys,” “VIP,” “X-Files,” “18 Wheels of Justice,” “Ultimate Revenge” and “Spy TV.”

– Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Enjoying life and very happy to be with my wife. Far away from the business, but still grateful for what it’s done for me.”