By Mike Mooneyham

June 10, 2007

Ivan Koloff is recovering from injuries suffered in a recent traffic accident near Charlotte. He suffered six broken ribs and an injured sternum, while wife Renae, who was accompanying him to a book signing, sustained bruises and a case of whiplash.

“As we were passing an intersection, a young girl attending to her child ran a red light and hit Ivan’s door traveling approximately 45-50 miles per hour, causing Ivan to suffer six broken ribs and sternum,” Renae wrote on their Web site. “Our car is totally demolished. We both got whiplash and I got knocked out with cuts and bruises. The jaws of life had to be used to free Ivan from the car. I never even knew anything until I was on the way to the hospital. After I awoke, I didn’t know what had happened or where Ivan was, so I panicked for about four hours. No one would tell me anything except that we were in a car wreck. I never prayed so much in all my life.”

Ivan Koloff

Ivan Koloff

The two stayed in the trauma unit overnight, and Koloff was released from the hospital two days later.

“Ivan is on very strong pain medicine and in a lot of pain, but doctors say he’ll be healed completely in about four to six weeks … The doctor did say that if Ivan did not have a lot of muscle mass in his chest, he would have sustained more serious injuries and possibly death.”